Sunday, November 10, 2013

SfN day 2

Hey everyone!

Here is the video from day 2!

SfN Day II


SfN Conference I

Hello everyone!

I am very excited to be here in San Diego for the Society for Neuroscience Annual Conference and even more excited to share with you the spectacular research being done all over the world. This post will just have the video for now. I plan to post a video everyday while I am here at the conference, and once the conference has ended I hope to compile a list of the most interesting talks and posters to discuss the most interesting progressions in neuroscience (at least most interesting for me). Before we start I thought I would share a little background on myself and that way you can decide if this blog will really cater to your brainy needs.

I am really interested in translational and developmental cognitive research and how it can be applied in a clinical setting. So if you are interested in computerized neurology, this mostly likely isn't the blog for you. I am currently a graduate student at the University of California at Davis studying cognitive side effects of chronic fluoxetine administration in juvenile rhesus macaques and am interested in finding anything that can be translatable to pediatric clinics. This is my first meeting, so I have no other comparison to draw upon unfortunately. But, it means I still have the ambition to try and see everything!

Anyway, below is the video. Sorry for the poor video quality, tomorrows will be improved once my battery is charged.

Daily Dose of Poison Video

See you tomorrow!